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        Rudong wind power cumulative Internet power above 10 billion KWH

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          Following the first-half installed capacity of 1.05 million kilowatts, area size the province first, Rudong wind power and spread good news: by the end of August, wind power cumulative power above 10 billion kilowatt-hours mark online.

          Rudong wind power since 2004, a period of 100000 kw concessions project for the national development and reform commission approved so far, Rudong built wind farm, a total of 12, install stand-alone 1.5 mw to 5 mw wind turbines a total of 574 units. In the first half of this year, the county new grid installed capacity of 50 megawatts of wind power project, grid a total installed capacity of 1.05 million kilowatts, accounted for 29% of the provincial total installed capacity, regional installed size of jiangsu province first, among them, the sea (intertidal zone) wind farm installed capacity of 300000 kilowatts, Asia's leading scale and technology. On May 23, CGNPC Rudong 150 mw offshore wind demonstration project officially the first root pile, marks China's first offshore wind project officially started. New energy and equipment also get rapid development of industry of form a complete set, to reach the taxable sales during the first half of 5.36 billion yuan, up 61.9% year on year, annual sales are expected to exceed 10 billion. As the first "national green energy demonstration county", "the three gorges on the sea" strategy in jiangsu main land, wind power equipment manufacturing base, jiangsu Rudong wind power planning a total installed capacity of 5 million kilowatts, a quarter of the whole province planning capacity, including offshore wind farm planning and capacity planning a third of the size of the provincial total.

          Currently, Rudong has been built, Asia's largest intertidal wind farms, started the first offshore wind farm, domestic implementation of county installed size of the province first, and layout of form a complete set with zhongtian technology submarine cable, MingYang wind, the sea wind, haili makes wind power, with emphasis on the spirit wind power companies such as wind power equipment manufacturing industry. From wind farms to the wind power equipment manufacturing, from the tower drum, foundation, submarine cable to the blade, fan host, initially formed a complete wind power industry chain.

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