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        Domestic first sea fan success hoisting, the future of 600 billion offshore wind market

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        On September 6, a reporter from China guangdong nuclear group (hereinafter referred to as the CGNPC) learned that acceptance by CGNPC wind power company specialized technical personnel, CGNPC some offshore wind demonstration projects (hereinafter referred to as some projects) the first typhoon success hoisting electric unit, this symbolized our country implements the offshore wind zero breakthrough.

        Learned, CGNPC some offshore wind power project is located in the coastal waters of eastern jiangsu nantong rudong lateral, about 25 km from the coast, bottom elevation between 3.7 m, 15.3 m, with 38 4 megawatts of wind power units are scheduled to be installed, about 152 megawatts of installed capacity, the construction of a 220 kv booster stations on the sea, the Internet will have a capacity of 388 million KWH.

        CGNPC said, compared with domestic existing intertidal offshore wind, tidal flats and some project is our country satisfies the requirement of "double ten" (i.e. more than 10 km offshore distance, water depth of 10 meters) of the first offshore wind farm in the true sense.
        Cic advisory energy industry researcher Song Zhichen said in an interview with reporters, complex geological structure due to the distance of the offshore waters, Marine climate changes, so the offshore installation of the fan is much difficult to install relative to the shore, the success of the wind turbines lifting means that the construction of offshore wind has successfully crack technical barriers.

        "Offshore wind is still in its beginning stage in our country, the construction of the various provinces and cities more than in the planning stage, wind power host sea hoisting and operation and maintenance, etc., are not mature, CGNPC offshore wind project marks the successful installation of offshore wind power is a breakthrough in the technology, the future large-scale development just around the corner." Song Zhichen further analysis.

        Except for some projects, CGNPC and pingtan comprehensive experimental area of fujian province for 300 mw offshore wind projects, yangjiang peng south island offshore wind power projects, the project scale of 300000 kw, 400000 kw, respectively.
        In December last year, the national energy administration about the offshore wind power development plan (2014-2016), notice, request 11 coastal provinces such as jiangsu, guangdong, the city's development and reform commission (NDRC), two major power grid, and huaneng five big power group, CGNPC unit is fully aware of the importance of do a good job offshore wind, take effective measures to actively promote offshore wind power project construction, improve industrial competitiveness, promote the sustained and healthy development of offshore wind.

        According to the renewable energy development "twelfth five-year" plan ", by 2015, China has reached 100 million kilowatts, accumulative total grid installed wind power generating capacity more than 190 billion KWH. Among them, the sea wind power capacity of 5 million kilowatts, basic form a complete, with the international competitiveness of wind power equipment manufacturing industry. By 2020, China has reached 200 million kilowatts, accumulative total grid installed wind power generating capacity more than 390 billion KWH. Among them, the sea wind power capacity of 30 million kilowatts.

        Analysis of the industry that to achieve the goal of this can bring 450 billion yuan to 450 billion yuan market space, the total investment in offshore wind, the whole machine, wind tower, cable equipment investment accounted for about 50% to 60%, this means that for the machine manufacturers and suppliers of offshore wind market is about 250 billion yuan to 350 billion yuan.

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